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Expat Counseling and Coaching is a one-of-its-kind concept bringing counseling, psychotherapy and coaching to the English speaking international community worldwide. We are committed to helping our clients find solutions to the unique challenges faced by global citizens.

We offer completely confidential individual counseling and psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and a variety of coaching packages.

We use Skype video conferencing which enables us to reach across borders to our clients. (Please see the article, What is Online Counseling and Does it Work for Expats? on blog.)

  • test

    "Dhyan has been an tremendous counseling resource for the expatriate community of the American Embassy School. She sees not only parents and students in her practice, but many of our teachers as well. "

    Kathleen Bader
    School Psychologist,
    American Embassy School,
    New Delhi, India
  • defolte

    "I am delighted to refer U.S. Embassy personnel to Dhyan Summers and Expat Counseling Services. Her finely tuned clinical skills, coupled with her sensitivity and compassion make her an outstanding therapist."

    Herbert Campbell
    (former) Regional Psychiatrist,
    New Delhi, India
  • Caitlin Russell

    I would definitely recommend working with Dhyan if you are ready to step into life changing transformation. Dhyan’s compassion, intuition, and grasp of mindfulness techniques have made me a raving fan! She is a true gem and I feel lucky to have found her!

    Caitlin Russel
    Registered Dietician,
    Atlanta, GA, USA

Online Expat Counseling and Coaching from the Comfort of Your Home

Choosing the right counselor or psychotherapist can be a challenging task, especially if you are seeking counseling for the first time. A good counselor is effective and empathetic. She offers tailor-made solutions to foster an individual’s personal growth. Founded by Dhyan Summers – a licensed psychotherapist and life coach – Expat Counseling and Coaching offers online therapy for expats and the global community. If you would like to know more please get in touch with us!