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Dhyan Summers

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A California woman, Dhyan is no stranger to moving. Having moved over 15 times as an adult she brings a unique understanding of the adjustments required to fit into a new environment. During her adult life, Dhyan has faced marriage, adopting a child, career changes and transitioning to life abroad. Having spent 14 years living abroad, these experiences give her the ability to empathize with her clients and offer real life understanding of the transitions expats face. Dhyan has recently repatriated to the US, so brings first hand experience to help her clients deal more effectively with this aspect of the expat experience.

Dhyan started counseling individuals and families in 1980, began her psychotherapy practice in 1985, and tailored her work to the expat community in 2007. Along her journey she learned from many of the top experts in the field including Carl Rogers, Natalie Rogers Fuchs, Margaret Paul and Salvador Minuchen. Dhyan received training in family therapy, conjoint therapy for couples, EMDR, hypnotherapy, postive psychology and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. She continues her training as a means of ensuring her methods are up – to – date and relevant to her clients. Her most recent trainings were in Nonviolent Communication and EMDR, a therapy to reduce the effects of trauma.

In 1980, Dhyan obtained licensing as a marriage and family therapist through the State of California. She maintains this license as a testimony to her knowledge and dedication to her work.  In 2015, upon moving to Ashland, Oregon, Dhyan became licensed in the state of Oregon as well.

As part of her committment to you, Dhyan offers a free 30 minute get acquainted session. This allows both of you to determine the best approach to counseling for you and to see if the two of you are a “fit.” Contact Us and Dhyan will connect with you within 48 hours to get started.