About us

Expat Counseling and Coaching Services is an online counseling center founded by Dhyan Summers, MA, a licensed psychotherapist and coach.  Ms. Summers founded the center in 2007 while living as an expat in New Delhi, India.   She had been seeing expat clients in Delhi, and as they started to leave for other postings, asked if they could continue to work with her on Skype.  She agreed and thus the concept was born!

It is our experience that many of the challenges faced by individuals and couples in their home countries can be exacerbated by living abroad.  At least in the beginning of living in a foreign country, expats are usually without the support systems of long-time friends and family.  We thus encourage expats to begin to build support systems in their host countries as soon as possible.

The goal of the center is to bring high quality counseling, psychotherapy, marriage counseling and coaching to expats posted around the world who otherwise would not have access to these services by a trained, highly qualified, English speaking therapist or coach.

Expat Counseling and Coaching Services provides the English speaking international community solutions to the challenges faced while living abroad. Psychotherapy, individual counseling,marriage counseling, and a variety of coaching packages are just a few of the many services offered online via Skype, Face Time and Zoom  around the world.

Expat Counseling and Coaching Center is a one-of-its-kind concept committed to addressing the needs of expats living away from home .   While expat life is an exciting one, it is not without it’s challenges.   We are committed to helping our clients find solutions to the unique challenges faced by global citizens.

We offer completely confidential individual counseling and psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and  coaching. Through Skype, Face Time and Zoom, we are able  to reach across borders to our clients.

The founder and Supervising Therapist is Dhyan Summers, MA, an American psychotherapist licensed by the states of California and Oregon, who has had over 30 year experience counseling and coaching individuals, couples and business executives.