Reinvent Yourself as an Expat Spouse

A Psychotherapist’s Guide to Expat Transitions

As a licensed psychotherapist and an expat many times over, I feel  qualified to write a psychotherapist’s guide to expat transitions and expat moves. In addition […]

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Mindfulness Demystified, the Low-down and the Hype

  Demystifying mindfulness simple is not a simple task.  There has been much written in the last months about mindfulness, from debunking it completely and calling […]

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How Expat Women Navigate Midlife Crises

  I recently reposted an article on my FB page by Ada Calhoun, titled The New Midlife Crisis, why and how it’s Hitting Gen X Women. […]

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3 Pieces of Advice the Dalai Lama Would Give to be a Happy Expat

I don’t really know the 3 pieces of advice the Dalai Lama would give to expats, but as a student of Tibetan Buddhism and of the […]

3 Secret Ingredients

3 Secret Ingredients for Rocking Expat Transitions

As many expats are transitioning from summer break back to their host countries, I thought this would be a good time to talk about some ways […]

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Are You an Expat Newbie? 3 Top Tips for getting it Right 

  Are you an expat newbie?  Feeling overwhelmed by so much new information, not to mention the logistics of settling in? Once you’ve got the basics […]

How to Create a Successful online business

How to Create a Successful Online Business as an Expat

It used to be that if you were a non-working expat, you couldn’t work. Period. You couldn’t get a visa, you might not speak the local […]

The 4 Biggest Expat Blunders and how to Avoid Making them

The 4 Biggest Expat Blunders and how to Avoid Making them

After 14 years of counseling and coaching expats, and consequently hearing my clients describe hundreds of blunders to me, I’ve come up with the 4 blunders […]

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3 Myths about Retiring Abroad Debunked

    There are many wonderful benefits to retiring abroad. Most expat retirees say the 3 greatest benefits are a lower cost of living, less stressful […]

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3 BS Facts about Expat Life  (And how to Counter them)

  In an attempt to enlighten friends and family about what being an expat is really like, here are 3 bs facts about expat life that […]

Expat Bubble

3 Questions Expat Women Should Ask before a Move

  There are 3 major questions that every expat woman should ask before making an expat move. Whether you are being employed in the country, accompanying […]

The 4 Biggest Expat Blunders and how to Avoid Making them

3 Ways Being an Expat Made Me a Better Person

  I was going to talk about how being an expat made me a better person with tongue in cheek.   But as I started thinking about […]

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How to Ramp Up Your Expat Marriage; 3 Top Tips

  While expat life can be tremendously exciting, we all know there are stressors, which can sometimes have a negative affect on your marriage.  Here are […]

Reinvent Yourself as an Expat Spouse

Expat Families and the Beginning of the End-of-the-Year Blues

  For many expat families with children, February marks the beginning of the end of the school year. It’s downhill from here all the way, and […]

How to Create a Successful online business

The Expat Women’s Shift, Part II, 3 Top Tips

  In my last article I talked about the phenomenon of The Expat Women’s Shift, where I discussed a change in focus among partnered expat women […]

Portrait of pensive young woman thinking about work, education and dreams on light background with creative drawings

The Expat Woman Shift; a New Phenomenon

  In my psychotherapy and coaching practices with expat women, I have noticed  the expat woman shift, a new phenomenon. It represents a major departure for […]

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Intentions for the New Year

Intentions instead of Resolutions for the New Year There’s always a lot of hype this time of year about New Years Resolutions. Usually about the time […]

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Holiday Rituals for Expats help Overcome Holiday Stress

  Expats can find the holidays difficult for a variety of reasons, in which case new holiday rituals may be in order.  Establishing holiday rituals can […]

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The Recent US Election; On Being the Token American Abroad

  As I’ve talked to American expats in different parts of the world in the past 2 weeks, one theme emerges. Regarding the recent US election, […]

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Are You a Career Expat or Spouse with High Functioning Anxiety?

  Are you a career expat or spouse with have high functioning anxiety?  If so, chances are you look pretty good on the outside, get things […]