How does Expat Counseling and Coaching work when you are on a different continent than your clients?
We use Skype video calls, a simple and cost free service that reaches almost any place in the world. You simply go to www.skype.com, open a free account and choose a user name. Skype calls are free for both parties and it doesn’t matter who makes the call. We are also using Face Time and are experimenting with Zoom.  We arrange an appointment time by email, one of us calls the other, and voila!We prefer if you have a video camera on or in your computer so we can actually meet face to face. If your computer doesn’t have one, you can buy a clip on video camera quite inexpensively.

How do I pay for sessions?
We send you a Paypal invoice.  You do not need to have a Paypal account.  You simply pay using a credit card with 1 click.   We request that payment be made 24 hours before each session.

How often do you suggest clients meet with you?
Typically, we meet with clients once a week. It is sometimes effective to meet twice a week if you’re in crisis.

Do you also work with couples on Skype?
Yes, we do. We sometimes have to do some camera adjustment so we can all see each other, but other than that, it works quite well.

How long are people usually in counseling? How will I know when it’s time to end therapy?
This varies so widely that there is not one answer. Sometimes people come to counseling to work on a specific issue and once it’s resolved counseling is finished. This may take a few sessions or a couple of months. Other times, if a client is depressed and has been so for a while, therapy may be more long term. Initially, we work with clients to establish their goals for therapy and when these goals are met, we end our sessions. Goals are always set by our clients and we work with you to facilitate this process.

As Clinical Director,what is your experience as an expat?
I am an American from California who has lived in New Delhi, India from 2007 till 2015. I have also lived in France and Costa Rica. I have recently repatriated to Ashland, Oregon, in the US, where I continue to provide the above services to expats worldwide. Many of the issues that I write about in my articles come from my own experience. I know what it’s like to try and adjust to a different culture in a foreign country, without a support system in place. I am also aware of the challenges you face on a daily basis, the frustrations and the unexpected moments of joy and exhilaration!