How to Find the Silver Lining in Clouds of Change

how to find the silver lining in the clouds of change

Growth and change are intertwined in our lives. Though it is often uncomfortable and sometimes frightening, how we learn to handle the changes that confront us are integral to our ability to grow and develop as human beings. Change is the one constant in life, so fighting against it is not only futile, it also inhibits our ability to shed our fears and insecurities and evolve emotionally.Here is some advice for how to find the silver lining in clouds of change.

The key for  how to find the silver lining in clouds of change is to look for the opportunities that lie beneath the initial shock or discomfort we feel when confronted with change.

This isn’t always easy but it can help us find a positive path through the change rather than crumbling under the weight of fear and disappointment. By not recognizing the need to adapt and evolve it is easy to find ourselves trapped in frustration, self-pity and anxiety.

Change is constantly happening and if we can train ourselves to move and flow with that change, then we take a giant leap forward in our own personal development. Take a look back over the last month and notice the changes that have occurred, whether they were subtle or enormous.

Find the liver lining in clouds of change by noting how you responded to a particular change.

Did you become depressed or withdrawn, motivated, angry, hopeful or sad? Now see if this change is affecting you in a negative way. If so, is there a negative belief you are holding about yourself? If there is, recognize this as simply a belief, not what is actually true.

Then ask yourself what is true in this situation. Is there a tweak in perspective you can make based on the truth instead of your negative belief? Is there one small action step you can take that aligns with this truth? These small tweaks can go a long way in reducing our stress and anxiety around change.

For example, I recently went through a patch when my workload was down and my income was suffering. My initial response was fear and hopelessness. I was bogged down in my fear, not only of the present situation, but I went so far as to indulge myself in fantasies of becoming a bag lady in my old age! This fear rendered me immobile and incapable of taking action.

When I looked at the negative belief I was holding onto about myself, I saw that some part of me believed I wasn’t worthy of making all the money I needed and then some, that somehow I wasn’t quite good enough. When I allowed myself to recognize this as an old belief instead of the truth, I could see that the truth was that I had over 30 years of training and experience that had rendered me a valuable asset to literally hundreds, if not thousands of people.

When I took a step back, I could see the transient, impermanent nature of my current situation. I could see the cyclical aspect of my work and that this situation occurred at certain times of year and never lasted. Once I changed my belief about myself and my mind was cleared of fear, I had the confidence to take the necessary action steps to remedy the situation, based on what was actually true. I began to reach out in the community, and besides growing my business, found the opportunity to make new friends and colleagues, thereby feeling more socially connected as well.

Even when it feels like things have been static, by taking a step back and looking at our experiences and beliefs from multiple perspectives, we can heighten our awareness of how we are affected by all of the changing circumstances in our lives, and thereby find the silver lining in the clouds of change.

Once we identify how things are changing, we can analyze our response to those changes and decide whether we are responding in a way that promotes personal growth and development, or in a way that’s based on outworn beliefs that hinder our growth. And in fact, how we respond to a given situation is the only real choice we ever have.

By exploring our history, we can learn to bring awareness of how we handle change into our daily lives. What aspects of your life are currently causing stress and what adaptation would lessen that anxiety? What belief about yourself would you need to change to feel confident and comfortable in this situation?

Instead of continuing the same actions and reactions over and over and getting the same unsatisfactory results, explore the variables of the situation. Look for the hidden opportunities that the negative, self-indulgent voices in your mind are afraid to let you see, and allow yourself to grow into different actions based on truth, instead of old limiting beliefs. These new actions will lead to new results that can be affirming and life altering in the most positive sense.

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