Individual Therapy for Expats

Many people who come to Expat Counseling and Coaching come for individual online counseling or therapy.  Counseling and therapy overlap and I have discussed the differences on the Counseling page.

We counsel individuals online using video conferencing such as Skype and Face Time with phone as back up if the internet is down.

Expats come to individual counseling or therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there are situational challenges such as a geographical move, job or career change, a new relationship, wanting to begin an intimate relationship, or other life changes.

We use a model of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Training when working with individuals. We help people identify what they want in their lives and to see the limiting beliefs (usually about themselves or the world) that are getting in the way. These negative beliefs were usually learned in childhood, despite the good intentions of most parents.

Once these beliefs are identified as simply beliefs and not the truth, we can help our clients see what is actually true in the present situation, and let go of the old beliefs. This paves the way for positive action to be taken without roadblocks getting in the way.

We also work with individuals who are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other more long-range challenges. We also use CBT and Mindfulness Training in these instances, but the process may take longer as the problems may be more deeply rooted. We work with alleviating the symptoms in the present, as well as helping the individual to see the limiting beliefs that are contributing to his or her symptoms.  If the symptoms are sever enough to warrant medication, we will wok with you to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist in your area.  We are not allowed by law to prescribe medication.

If you are not quite sure if individual counseling is right for you, please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.