Online Counseling for Women Worldwide

Online Counseling and Therapy for Women Worldwide

At Expat Counseling and Coaching Services, we offer online counseling and therapy services for English speaking women worldwide. While originally working with expat women, we began to realize that the counseling and therapy we were providing were applicable to women everywhere.

We use online counseling or therapy for women to refer to therapy provided using Skype, Face Time, or Google Handle video sessions, with phone as back up should the internet fail. Research has shown that online counseling is as effective as in-person counseling, particularly for treatment of depression, stress, anxiety and eating disorders.

It is also efficient, particularly for women with busy schedules who might not have extra time to travel to and from a therapist’s office.

What we learned from working with expat women was the importance of a support network, particularly, but not only for women who were feeling emotionally depleted. Women tend to be more emotional creatures than men, thus feeling supported and understood is especially important to us.

As relationships play a crucial role in the lives of most women, we help you to identify which relationships in your life are working and which perhaps may need work. If your marriage or primary relationship is challenging, and if you and your partner agree, we like to involve both of you in the counseling process. Again, we find Skype to be an excellent medium for this, as at the very least, both people must sit relatively close together in order to be seen on the screen!

If only one partner is willing to come to counseling, we will work with the partner who wants help and help her identify her options.

We also work with many single women online who would like to find a partner but seem to have difficulty doing so. If this is the case, we help you to identify the negative beliefs you may hold about yourself that might be getting in your way.

These beliefs can include negative body image, or not feeling pretty, smart, good, interesting or whatever enough. We help you to recognize these as simply beliefs you may have learned along the way, and not truth. We then work with you to replace these outworn thoughts with what is actually true in the present. This can be a life-altering process for many women, and can give you the confidence needed to go out and begin meeting men who can become suitable life partners.

Another aspect of our online therapy for women is encouraging you to develop something you feel passionate about. This may involve going back to school, a business idea, career change, volunteering an hour a week, or finding an activity that arouses passion within. In other words, something that is fun! We suggest that whatever this is, it involves other people, as there is nothing like bonding over a shared passion to bring people together.

The mode of online therapy that we provide for women has evolved over the 35 years of experience which Dhyan Summers, MA, the Director of Expat Counseling and Coaching Services has accumulated. Dhyan has trained in Gestalt therapy, Family and Couples therapy, Psychoanalytic therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT) and Mindfulness training. Most of the work we do now combines CBT and Mindfulness training, which helps to relieve stress.

We are about to begin (Sept. 2014) Online Women’s De-Stress Courses for women worldwide. These will be small groups limited to 10 women. We will teach Mindfulness and other tools for relieving stress in a supportive environment of like-minded women.

We also believe that women are the best people to help one another, as they hold many experiences in common. Our therapists who provide online counseling and therapy for women are licensed, highly skilled female therapists.

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