Reinventing Yourself as a Woman over 50

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Reinventing Yourself as a Woman over 50

As a licensed psychotherapist, a coach and a woman over 50, I am especially interested in this phase of life, and how you can use this time to reinvent yourself as a woman over 50.

I’d like to share a story about a client of mine who I’ll call Jane, as an example of what’s possible.  Jane was 54 when she  initially came to see me for coaching. Her children had left home, her husband was more entrenched in his work than ever, and she didn’t know what to do next with her life.

I took Jane through an inquiry process where I first asked her a very simple question: “What do you want?” She initially said that she wanted a reason to get up in the morning.

When I asked the question again, she said she wanted to do something that involved working with others and using her creativity. She also wanted to contribute financially to the family budget, so that some of the burden was taken off of her husband.

When I asked Jane what having that would do for her, she said that she would be happy if she were making a contribution to the family, and would feel good about herself using artistic skills that she hadn’t used in years.

It turned out that this wasn’t quite true, as Jane had a passion for painting furniture and had even shared this skill with some of her friends.

When I asked Jane what she wanted again , she now said she wanted to start a business refinishing furniture, as well as teaching other women how to do this.

I then asked Jane what might hold her back from dong this. She said that she didn’t think she had a head for business and couldn’t imagine being a successful businesswoman.

As we explored this belief, I asked her to look at what was actually true about this. She said the truth was she didn’t really know if she could be successful because she had never tried. This was a limiting belief that was keeping her from taking a leap.

We continued to use this inquiry process and by the end of our work together, Jane was selling her furniture on Craigslist, teaching furniture-refinishing courses, and had tied up with an interior designer. She was also feeling empowered.

Female architectI invite you to try this process on your own, particularly if you’re interested in reinventing yourself as a woman over 50   and see where it leads. You may surprise yourself!

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